How a Honda Pilot and a Concrete Mixing Trailer Kept Me Out of Prison


In 2007 our general contracting company was hired to complete several small concrete projects in local correctional facilities, most of which required 3 m3 of concrete or less. For these jobs I would order the concrete in advance to be delivered at 1pm, giving us the morning for preparation and enough time to finish the concrete before we had to leave the facility at 3:45pm.

On two separate occasions within a span of a month, our ready-mix concrete delivery arrived over 2 hours late. The second time, because of the location of the concrete pad, I had four workers with wheel barrows waiting to unload the truck. We had to unload, place, finish the concrete, clean up and get out - all in 45 minutes.

A couple weeks later I was watching tv at night with Joanne and a commercial came on for a Honda Pilot. There was a guy in the backseat encased in concrete and the Pilot was pulling a concrete mixing trailer. I don't remember the point of the commercial because as soon as I saw the trailer, I knew it was the solution to our problem. I turned to Joanne and said to her "find that thing!" And she did. It was a concrete mixing trailer manufactured in McMinnville Oregon by Cart-Away Concrete Systems.

I contacted Cart-Away to find out where I could buy one in Canada. They told me they didn't have dealers but instead sold direct from Oregon. I saw so much potential for this equipment that I decided to go to and meet with them, ready to buy at least one trailer, and hoping to convince them to let us be their Canadian dealer.

The final morning of our visit, after three days spent getting to know the folks at Cart-Away, Joanne and I were ready to head home when the owner, Tom Vail, told us that if we were still interested in being their dealer, they were interested in having us. This was the beginning of Delcor Equipment and our relationship with Cart-Away Concrete Systems.

For the past ten years we have been importing Cart-Away concrete mixing trailers, skid mounted mixers, portable batch plants and loading equipment. We continue to use it in our general contracting business, and sell it all across Eastern and Northern Canada.

Since then I've never had to make such a narrow escape from a correctional facility. By the way, Joanne drives a Honda Pilot. Seems appropriate.

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