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    Marion Brush

    Innovative Concrete Finishing Tools


The Chameleon Trac-II patented system eliminates handles and width restrictions by using ropes. This results in the most uniform finish available on the market.


Combination tools - float with attached broom - cuts down on the number of passes required - saving time, effort and money. Available in up to 6' widths.

Smart Design

Products designed with:

  • lightweight telescoping handles
  • adjustable push-pull angle
  • unique tilt and pivoting systems

The best concrete finishing tools you'll ever use!

Finishing concrete well is both a science and an art. With Marion Brush concrete tools the finished result will be beautiful. Utilizing over 50 years of manufacturing experience, combined with innovative ideas, Marion Brush products thoughtfully designed to overcome many of the challenges in concrete finishing.

The patented Chameleon Brush System offers contractors a faster more efficient way to finish large concrete pours without sacrificing quality. 

Here is a video highlighting the various brushes and floats and how they work.