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    Core Hole Repair Kit


No need for:

  • drilling
  • ladders
  • accessing multiple floors


  • simple 60 second installation
  • no cutting or ginding required
  • permanent and reliable
  • leaves a smooth flat finished surface

Cost Effective

  • 65% cost savings
  • repair multiple core holes in the same time it would take to repair one using traditional repair methods

CORK Reduces Costs, Reduces Risks and Increases Profits.

The CORK Core Hole Repair Kit is the fastest way to form and repair slab and wall penetrations. Made of non-combustible steel adn aluminum, holes between 2" and 12.5" can be repaired in less than 2 minutes. 

A major advantage of this system over traditional repair methods is the ability to complete the repair from one location - no need to work from both above and below the hole. Savings accrue as a result of less time required and less risk for workers.

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CORK In Action