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    LoadPro Material Loader

    1.5M3 Hopper with Conveyor Belt


  • Quick and efficient loading of bulk materials
  • Water meter allows for accurate and consistent moisture specifications
  • Portable and ideal for remote locations
  • Low capital investment
  • User friendly design - simple to operate and maintain
  • Convenient platform for safe and easy access to cement bag breaker


  • 1.5 cubic metre hopper capacity
  • Cement bag breaker
  • 11HP Honda engine
  • Digital water meter
  • 20cm conveyor
  • galvanized plumbing system

Load Small Batch Concrete Mixers Fast and Accurately.

The LoadPro is an ideal low volume loading system for your small batch concrete mixers. It is perfect for projects where small quantities of concrete are needed at different locations around the project. It can be placed anywhere on the jobsite and then can feed any number of trailers with a concrete mix. Once loaded the trailers mix the concrete as they are pulled around to various sites.

The LoadPro is a volumetric batching unit that can be loaded by a skid-steer or small tractor and operates using a Honda gasoline engine and hydraulic pumps. The 2-yard material hopper and the high-speed loading conveyor allow mixing trailers to be quickly batched. The conveyor belt height is positioned correctly to load the batches of raw concrete mix directly into the drum of the mixer trailer. This small concrete plant comes with a digital water meter for accurate water batching. The water is fed into the system using a standard garden hose. Each small batch plant comes with an operator platform and a simple cement bag breaker.

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