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    Minibelt Loader


  • Simple and efficient loading system
  • Low investment
  • Small footprint and easily portable


  • Powder coated components
  • 10 gallon per minute high torque hydraulic motor
  • Dimensions: 1.37m wide by 2.13m long by 1.83m high (4.5’x7’x6’)

Material Loading - Simplified.

The Mini Belt Loader provides a way to load your small batch concrete mixer quickly from a small footprint. The loader can be assembled in a matter of minutes and can be moved from location to location with ease. The 2.13 metre long conveyor quickly loads your dry materials into the mouth of the mixing drum using hydraulic power. Just start the belt, scoop raw materials to fill the drum and then make concrete in the portable mixer trailer.

Your Mini Belt Loader can load one trailer or multiple trailers, and can work for you all day long. The bolt-together legs place the conveyor at just the right height for pushing the raw material off the belt and into the drum. The fast moving belt allows you to dump from larger tractor buckets and speed-up your mixer filling process.

You can set this loader up temporarily at a job site, or leave it in your yard for regular trailer loading.

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