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    Polypropylene Fibre Cutting Machine

    Cuts fibres to whatever length you need.

Save Space

Reduce the amount of space taken up on site by storing all the various lengths of fibre products - only stock the fibre in tow(strands) to be cut as needed.

Cut Waste

Instead of purchasing the estimated volume of each length of fibre needed, simply purchase the polypropylene in tow (strands) and cut the exact amount needed when you need it. No more leftover fibre to have to handle, dispose of or store.

Reduce costs by custom cutting your fibre on site.


The compact cutting machine includes a cutting head, motor and control system. It is simple to use and fully automatic. All you need to do is mount the cutting machine to a concrete mixer, a skip hoist, an intermediate hopper or a belt conveyer. The cutting machine will cut the tow (strands) of fibre into the required lengths and add the fibres to the concrete mix directly.

No manual handling is required, and it only takes a few minutes to change between different cutting lengths. The cutting machine comes standard with a cutting wheel of 6 mm. However, additional cutting wheels of 12 and 18 mm can be purchased.

Watch the video to the right to see the cutting machine in action. 

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