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    Rapid Roof Remover

    Pneumatic tool to remove multiple layers of shingles or flooring.


With a 30" long blade multiple layers of shingles can be removed in one pass. Complete entire roof tearoff in a fraction of the time allowing new roof installation to start sooner.


The Rapid Roof Remover's unique blade design removes most of the shingle fasteners at the same time as the shingles. Large sections of shingles and flooring can be brought up at a time saving on time required for debris removal.


The Rapid Roof Remover can remove shingles and flooring with the same blades, including hardwood flooring glued to concrete.

Remove shingles or flooring without back breaking effort.

The Rapid Roof Remover is a "must have" tool for every roofer working on shingles roofs. Strip a roof - shingles and fasteners - in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand... and with a lot less effort! The unique blade design gets under the shingles and lifts multiple layers in large sections, which means your debris removal will take less time as well.

The Rapid Roof Remover is also ideal for the removal of flooring, cutting down on the time required to complete a flooring replacement project.


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