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    T2200 Mobile Batch Plant

    Capacity: 25-60M3 per hour
    Volume: 2200L (gross) - 1450L (net)
    Water Tank: 750L
    Load Cells: 3 x 5000KG

Smart Design

  • Assembled on twin-axle semi trailer frame
  • Agitator pan mixer
  • 2 integrated twin hoppers for 2 x 2 types of aggregate
  • 2 x 2 separate feed belts
  • Water supply
  • Load cells
  • Computerized dosing equipment and control unit with dosing accuracy of +/-1-2%
  • Integrated silo with auger for pre-weighing of cement


Produce Concrete:

  • at remote locations
  • on difficult to access job sites such as islands
  • on construction sites with space constraints
  • in the middle of urban centres
  • totally mobile at speeds up to 80KM per hour
  • quick and easy to set up and begin producing within a few hours

Compact. Mobile. Accurate.

The T2200 is a complete concrete batch plant built on a twin axle semi trailer frame. It is easy to move, quick to set up and simple to clean, maintain and service.

The powerful pan mixer has adjustable mixing arms with robust mixing shovels and side scrapers providing a high, uniform concrete quality and a short cycle time. The integrated control system, which is placed in a built-in cabin for operation supervision, ensures the accuracy and quality of the concrete produced. The standard T2200 can be customized with optional equipment to meet your needs including: enlarged silo sides for hoppers, additive pump, toolbox, remote control and more.

ROI - Return on Investment Business Case

By using the T2200 to produce concrete on site, the capital investment in the equipment will be paid back in a very short time period. To receive a business case customized for your operation, simply click the Request Business Case button below.

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